About Me

About MeGreetings! I’m Giuseppe.

In the midst of Seattle’s towering pines and constant drizzles, my passion for literature grew. I’ve been inspired by Tolstoy’s expansive worlds, Austen’s keen social observations, and Murakami’s deep reflections. Sometimes, Seattle’s gray skies remind me of a scene from a Brontë novel.

Literature is my constant; from the magical realism of Márquez to the existential quests in Kafka’s works.

But it is not my only hobby. Also I’m trying my best or just chilling at:

  • Bicycle Riding: Like Don Quixote’s adventures, albeit on two wheels through Seattle’s hilly terrain.
  • Playing Drums: I play a small range from rock to pop, and I even busk occasionally with friends using my compact traveler drumset.
  • Healthy Food & Well-being: I think it’s the key to keep this life running. If your body feels good, the brain follows.
  • Coding: Is my bread and butter.
  • Text Blogging: Recently, I’ve been dabbling in “SomeRemedy.com,” a space where I blend musings on world literature with reflections on everyday life. It’s like stitching together Hemingway’s succinctness with the depth of Dostoevsky.

Perhaps my personal insights and experiences could offer some remedy as you navigate your own journey. So, I’ve embarked on this blogging adventure. Enjoy!

I pour my personal reflections into this space. If you see things differently, I’d love to hear your perspective in the comments section!